Agro Guide has years of experience in advising integrated pest and disease management systems in the Netherlands and abroad. The consultancy of Agro of Guide focusses on:

  • The introduction and optimizing of monitoring and registration systems
  • Analyzing monitoring data to create decision models
  • Optimizing biological pest control and natural pollination
  • Training and coaching of employees about integrated pest and disease management
  • Reducing the independency of chemicals
  • Developing tailor made protocols to improve results and reduce costs and use of chemicals
  • Perform a second opinion on crop protection matters

Characteristic of the consultancy of Agro Guide are:

  • Practical in its application
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Analytical
  • Efficient
  • Accurate

Method of work

After an inventory Agro Guide will make an analysis of the current situation in your company. Depending on the agreement Agro Guide will develop a specially tailored system, procedure or advice for your company and integrate these through mutual consultation. Depending on your preference, a periodic company visit can be made to insure that the deployed system, procedure or advice be keep up to date so that it can grow in conjunction with the developments in your company.