About Agro Guide

Agro Guide was founded in 2009 by Astrid van der Knaap. She grew up in the horticulture industry and has always had a keen interest in this fascinating sector.

Before the foundation of Agro Guide, Astrid van der Knaap has worked 15 years with passion as advisor in biological crop protection and natural pollination of which 12 years at Koppert Biological Systems. The wonders about the unique activity and possibilities of biological control agents as a means against pest insects has always remained.

The consultancy of Agro Guide is characterized by a practical approach; thinking along with the grower from the viewpoint of the business. Through her highly organized and analytical character Astrid van der Knaap has successfully implemented numerous tailor-made monitoring and registration systems to optimize crop protection in various horticultural companies in the Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Oekrain, Austria, Italy and Hungary. Together with company-specific strategies, this guarantees a greater insight, proactive response and a reduction in crop protection chemicals.